Introducing your 1st Windows Mail email Account | Setup IMAP Configuration

If the built-in Mail app in Windows 10 has never been used earlier, this section will cover how to add your first account to the application. The default of Windows Mail is to use IMAP for new accounts. If you are looking to add a POP3 mailbox, please see our How to Easily Set Up a Windows 10 Mail POP3 Email Account tutorial.

How to Setup IMAP Configration Windows mail?

Step 1:  Open the Properties Settings window of Mail Account .
Step 2:  Set the patch for the root folders and select the folders.
Step 3:  To start Windows Live Mail, click Start.
Step 4: Click  Tools Accounts.
Step 5:  Or hold down the Alt and T keys.
Step 6:  Choose which email address you’d like to change.
Step 7:  Click Properties to open the window and display it.
Step 8:  Go to the IMAP tab and enter the Root Folder Path in the Inbox.
Step 9:  Select the ‘Check for new messages in all folders’ option.
Step 10: m Select Save special files on an IMAP server.
Step 11: Type Sent for the Path of Sent Items, Drafts for the Path of Drafts and Trash for the Path of Deleted Items.
Step 12: Type them as given because these are case-sensitive.
Step 13: To close the Settings window, tap OK.
Step 14: Exit the window for Accounts.

Settings for Windows Mail IMAP

Step 1: By clicking Start and choosing Mail, launch the Mail app.
Step 2: To get started, select the Add account.
Step 3: Access the account from SettingsManage AccountsAdd.
Step 4: Go to Advanced Email SetupInternet.
Step 5: In the required field, type the email address.
Step 6: Enter the password and user name.
Step 7: Get information about incoming email servers from your ISP.
Step 8: Fill IMAP as the type of account.
Step 9: In the corresponding fields, enter the SMTP details.

How to Set up imap on Windows 10

Step 1:  Open Mail for Windows 10.
Step 2:  From the top left corner of the page, click AccountsAdd Account.
Step 3:  Click Account +Add.
Step 4:  Choose Another Account.
Step 5:  Enter email account info and click Sign in.
Step 6:  Done .

How to Set up Windows 8.1. imap email

Step 1:  Go to StartMail.
Step 2:  Select Accounts Settings Add Account from the menu bar.
Step 3:  Select Other Accounts.
Step 4:  Click Show info for more
Step 5: As an account/mail form, select IMAP.
Step 6:  Fill in the fields given by the following:
Step 7: Fill in the fields given as follows:
Email address: The address for the email
Username: Your address for the email
Password: Password for your email address
Email Server Incoming (IMAP):
Incoming Port: 993
SSL Needs Incoming Server: Ticked
Email Server Outgoing (SMTP):
Port Outgoing: 4655
Outgoing Server Requires SSL: Ticked (If you prefer not to use SSL, please use Outgoing port 25 instead)
Authentication is required for the outgoing server: Optional
Step 7:  Select the option ‘Send and receive email using the same username and password.’
Step 8:  Click Connect.

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