How to Delete Windows Live Email Account ? 

When you uninstall a Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail account, you will not be able to access the account in that program and you will delete the data stored locally. You can not, however, uninstall the account or any messages found in it. Deleting an account from a Microsoft email client also deletes the account-related calendar information. It is an easy task to delete an email account, but you will not be able to use the email account to send or receive any information, nor can the deleted account be used for other sign-up services, like apps, music, or games.

Delete Windows Live Email Account

Follow the Advice on How to Delete Windows Live Email Account? 

  • Navigate from the Windows desktop: Start > Settings icon. (lower-left) > Accounts > Accounts for email & applications.
  • To choose on-screen options, use the touchscreen (if available) or the mouse.
  • Select the account to be removed from the right-hand side, then select Manage.
  • Select Account Delete.
  • Select Delete from the request to confirm.

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