Why Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

Microsoft, Outlook is one of the most popular email servers and management applications out there. It provides great services to users and offers reliable and efficient support. There are times. If users often suffer from unwanted issues related to their Outlook account, Outlook not Receiving Emails is one of these issues that can be caused by several factors. This blog will guide you to fix issues Outlook not receiving emails To get the instant solution users to need to read the entire blog without skipping any section. In this blog. We define the easiest way to solve this problem without any hassle. 

Why Does Outlook Not Receive Emails?

You can discover that if you are not receiving the emails from senders. Users can look out for the mentioned causes that users face, If not getting the emails in their outlook account.

Let’s go through that problem 

  • Maybe the issue is the internet connection of your system.  
  • If the PC components firewall might be blocking your all emails 
  • The mail could be stored in the spam folder in your main inbox.
  • Users’ email accounts are not properly connected with outlook  
  • You have to type the right account details and the wrong account credentials or configuration details.
  • Maybe the Outlook server might be down, or the email client may be unavailable.
  • The Outlook plugin 
  • Check if the malware might have corrupted Outlook data on your PC 

Let’s focus on the Simple Methods for Outlook Not Receiving Emails  

Check the Spam Folder in Outlook

If the outlook has a spam filter option that sends all junk emails to the spam folder. This folder is separate from your inbox. If users are not receiving the emails in your inbox. That issue is about the space in your inbox.

Why Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Have a look at the simple points to do that: 

  • Users must open Outlook and enter the necessary information.
  • You need to check the spam option in the left sidebar.
  • Users need to mark it in the spam folder.
  • If users found the email that users expected they right-click on it .
  • Select the junk followed by the not junk 

Outlook moves the email back to the inbox, it will ask if you want to always trust emails from that sender. Check the box if this is the case, and click OK.

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Change Your Email Sorting Options

Users can sort their emails in a number of ways in Outlook. If these sorting options are configured. they do not show your most recent emails. your newly-received emails are mixed in with other messages. This might make it look like users are not receiving emails on Outlook at all.

Easy way to fix it.Have a look 

  • Users open the outlook 
  • Enter on the inbox tab 
  • Tab on the left option 
  • Press the sort by text (maybe say by date )

At the bottom users choose the newest on the top menu. You can use the next icon of the next sort selection for changing the ascending and descending order. 

Disable Offline Mode in Outlook

Users can check the Microsoft Outlook tools is an option called (Work Offline) that lets you disconnect from the server. Users do not want to receive new emails. 

  • If the option is not enabled, issue users are not getting the outlook.
  • Users need to fix this by disabling the offline mode in Outlook:
  • You need to Open Outlook and enter the Send/Receive tab at the top bar. 
  • Users need to press the Work Offline option in the Preferences option.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Ensure the Sender Is Not in Your Block List

If users might find not receive the emails from outlook. Check your outlook and keep a list of blocked addresses, Users do not receive the mails. If users all the mails get deleted emails. Like other emails not able to receive the emails. 

If this is the case, removing the sender from the blocked list should fix the problem. 

  • Choose the Junk emails from the Home tab.
  • Enter Junk E-mail from the newly opened menu bar.
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Check the Blocked Users List

If users have added a particular user to Outlook’s blocked user list, you will not be able to receive an email from them. We add someone to the block list and forget about it. To bypass this scenario, users visit Outlook’s Settings > Mail > Junk Email. This will display a list of all the email IDs that are blocked by you. Enter the adjacent delete button to remove them from your blocked user’s list.

Connect with us for Instant Support for Outlook Not Receiving Emails   

Users can use the mentioned easy methods, If your Outlook Not Receiving Emails issues. You can apply it without any issues. If users think of these mentioned methods as not helpful. Users need live support for that. You can contact our helpdesk team. To get the support live support drop your mail on support mail support@qwikaid.com   Experts will guide you according to your requirement and Provide your easy solutions within seconds without any problem 

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