How to Fix Outlook Not Connect to Server Error?

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email that use by people to fetch emails. Outlooks features make it unique from other email managers is the capability it has to store notes, calendars, and tasks. Users prefer to use the Outlook account. Sometimes users face the Outlook Not Connect to Server Error issues in their account. To solve this error in their account .users search the online solutions. Not to worry about it. This blog defines the simple methods to use. Let’s study the blogs without dropping any segments.

Why is Outlook Not Connect to Server?

The outlook may fail to connect to the Exchange server for reasons  are :

  • Connectivity Problems 
  • OST synchronization errors
  • Check out the Damaged OST file
  • A deleted or disabled mailbox from the Exchange server
  • If the Damage Microsoft Office or Outlook program files
  • Users need to check the Corrupt Outlook profile
  • If there are Incompatible or faulty add-ins
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Apply Simple Methods to Fix Outlook Cannot Connect to Server Error Issues : 

1. Verify Your Credentials and Account Details

Users First things first, right? Let’s start by checking your credentials account info to make sure you are entering authentic details to log in. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Users need to Launch Outlook on your System 
  • Enter the “File” option and browse through Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.
  • Press on your existing account title, remove it, and users need to re-enter all the credentials to start afresh.
  • Check Outlook’s Status

  • If users are unable to connect to Outlook’s server, here’s a quick way to check Outlook’s current status.
  • You need to Launch Outlook and switch to the “Send and Receive option “ 
  • Look out the Outlook’s Status
  • Users will see a “Work Offline” option on the bottom-right corner of the title bar.
  •  This will indicate that Outlook is currently not connecting to the server. 
  • Enter this option, and toggle the setting to check if this hack works

3:  Microsoft Exchange Server Connection

Look out for the points 

  • Users need to launch Outlook and click on the File icon. Navigate to Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.
  • If any problem exists with the Microsoft Exchange Server, you will see an orange-colored indicator icon next to it.


  • Switch to SSL Server

Apply the solutions 

  • Users can try switching to the SSL server to connect to the Microsoft Exchange Server service.
  • You need to go to Outlook and head on to File> Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.
  • Choose the Change option. Tap on the More Settings option. 
  • Go to the  Advanced Internet email settings window, and switch to the Advanced tab.
  • Switch to SSL Server
  • Tap the drop-down Use the follow the type of encrypted connection Select “SSL”.
  • Press the OK button to save your changes.
  • Exit all windows, and re-launch Outlook to check if you face the issues in their account.


  • Repair Outlook Account

To repair your Outlook account, follow these quick steps:

  • Users need to launch Outlook and navigate to File> Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.
  • Pick your Outlook account from the list and tap on the Repair button.
  • Enter your credentials to begin the Outlook repair process and follow the on-screen instructions listed on the wizard.
  • The Repair process will help you find out the underlying issues and allows Outlook to automatically fix network problems.


6. Disable Outlook Extensions

  • If any third-party extensions or add-ons are interfering with your Outlook, it may trigger the Outlook cannot connect to server error on your device. 
  • To solve this issue, users can try disabling the plugins to check if it fixes the issue.
  • Launch Outlook and head on to File> Options> Add-ins.
  • Enter the Go button placed underneath, and uncheck all the extensions. 
  • Click on the OK tab to save your recent changes.
  • Users need to restart their outlook account and check if the issue fixes it or not.

7 : Rebuild Outlook Data File


If the above-mentioned workarounds did not prove useful users can try rebuilding the outlook data file option. Users need to follow the quick steps to rebuild the outlook of the data file to fix the network connectivity errors 

  • Go to outlook and open the Account setting option 
  • Switch to the Data File option in account settings 
  • Pick your email account from the list and click on the Open file location option.  
  • Users who have arrived at the respective folder rename the data file or simply move it to any other location. 
  • Restart Outlook and Follow the -listed steps to look out if you are facing any issues. 

8: Reinstall Outlook

Check the solutions :

Users need to Uninstall, reinstall MS outlook can work as a resort to give you a fresh start.

  • Press the window icon placed on the Taskbar and choose the gear-shaped icon open to the settings option.
  • In the settings, windows choose Apps and Features
  • You need to scroll down the list of programs to find the Microsoft Outlook tab on it.  
  • Users need to Press the Uninstall Button 

Follow the onscreen instructions to completely uninstall MS Outlook from any device on your device. The uninstallation process has been complete download MS Outlook again from the manufactures website


9. Use Stellar Repair For Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can easily crash the presence of any corrupted file with a misconfigured setting option. Did you try any third-party repair tool to fix Outlook? 

Users can Download and install the Stellar for Outlook tool on their devices to fix the “Outlook Not connect Server problem “in just a few clicks with help of this nifty tool. Users can simply fix the PST File without losing any data. Stellar PST recovery software is an efficient tool to recover lost emails, attachments, and tasks from the corrupt PST file   

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Connect with Us to Solve Outlook Not Connect to Server Error :

We Hope mentioned solutions can easily resolve Outlook Not Connect to Server Error issues. All the above-mentioned methods are easy to use. You can apply the methods step by step. If you need instant support for that. Connect with our support team. You can drop your concern mail:  Our experts will guide you step by step and fix your issues within seconds without any trouble.

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