How to Setup Verizon Server Settings in Outlook?

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Verizon is one of  Well -known web mail service provider in globally. Mostly users using Verizon email for personal, professional use .In-case you find some technical issues in Verizon server. In today’s blog, we will be discussing steps on how you can set up Verizon Server Settings in outlook. Configure a account using IMAP- Here How to Set Up Verizon Email Settings. Common Email Server Addresses (POP3 / IMAP / SMTP). We begin, users make sure that you configure incoming and outgoing Verizon mail servers correctly. Readers read entire blog without skip any section.

How to Setup Verizon Server Settings in Outlook

Methods Verizon Email Server Settings in Outlook :

 Incase users are looking for a solution to use your Verizon email account and enjoy all services on your email client, continue reading ahead. With a few Verizon Email Settings, users will be good to go. 

Like all email service providers, Verizon has POP3, IMAP, SMTP settings that can be looked into. These are few protocols in lieu of Verizon Email Service that any user must know. 

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Check Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express  for Windows (Version 5.0

  • Users open Outlook Express.
  • From Main Menu, select Tools, Accounts
  • Choose (Mail)Option 
  • Enter  on your Verizon Online email account name to choose 
  • You need to Select Properties tab .
  • Choose Servers option .
  • Change (Incoming mail (POP3)) server name from its current server option 
  • entry to:
  • Try to Change (Outgoing mail (SMTP)) server name to:
  • Checkout  box labeled (My server requires authentication)
  • Enter (Settings button) 
  • Verify  the( use same settings as my incoming mail server) is selected option.
  • Users Tab  OK button 
  • Enter OK in Properties window option 
  • Press “Close” in “Internet Accounts” window
  • Create and send a new message to your own e-mail address.
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Check the Other Easy Methods :

Have a look these simples points it’s easy to understand with helpful :

  • User Information– 

Type your correct name and your correct email address in the respective email and name option.

  • Server Information– 

Users  have to select from IMAP or POP3 for account type field. Enter incoming mail server field with for POP3 , IMAP. Enter for IMAP and POP3 in outgoing mail server text option.

  • Logon information– 

You will need to type email address and your account password for Verizon email in given respective options.

  • Tick on check for remember password and require logon using secure password authentication ) options.
  • Option available on your left side screen 
  • Click on settings tab to visit to page.
  • Select (outgoing servers option) to configure
  • Users will need to tick mark (my outgoing server requires authentication) option.
  • Next up, agree to the “use same settings as my incoming mail server” options
  • Enter on Advanced button to open advanced tab to enter correct port settings given below;
  •  Incoming server for POP3- Users will use 995
  • The incoming server for IMAP- use 993
  •  Outgoing server-Use 465 for this option 
  • Encryption connection type-SSL

What Are POP and IMAP ?

Here’s an overview of both these protocols:

  • POP3

POP3 refers to third version of Post Office Protocol or POP. This version is widely adopted across most devices with mail application you use.

A POP account downloads all incoming mail to users  device and stores these emails locally. This way, users  can access their  mail offline as well — you don’t need to go online just to check your mail inbox.

  • IMAP

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol.

POP is use for send, receive emails, IMAP holds your email on server of downloading it.

You can access your mail from any location if you have reliable Internet connection.

The IMAP works as cloud storage on your incoming mail server, it’s much more efficient faster POP3.

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How to Setup Verizon Server Settings

Many users using Verizon account for daily basis. It’s easy to use. In-case users want to try to set up Verizon Email Server Setting in Outlook. If users need to set this. For this here mentioned the helpful steps. If users are able to apply this methods. Connect with Verizon Support Team. Drop your email regarding your concern on provided email : Experts are available 24/7 for users assistance .Team will provide you with the best solution immediately within working hours .

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