How to Setup BellSouth Email Settings For Outlook?

Bellsouth Email is run by the AT&T ISP provider to offer the best mailing services. It is used for wireless service, cable, and digital television, long-distance conversation, internet service many more facilities. Sometimes if users are not able to send and receive the emails in their account and these issues occur by email settings issues, To setup email settings for Outlook account. Users require easy-to-use solutions for setup in easy ways. In this blog, we define all simple methods users can use and apply them. As mentioned all the procedures are simple. Users need to read this blog without skipping any parts without wasting time. Let’s have a look at the process. Configure Bellsouth Email Settings For Outlook? How to Set up Bellsouth email on Windows 10/11, Setup BellSouth Email Settings For Outlook.

Why Need To Configure Bellsouth Email Settings?

Configuring your Bellsouth email account in an email application allows you to read and send emails without having to return to the ATT login screen. There is no need to process your Bellsouth email every time as you can access your account by opening the email application.

Bellsouth email accounts are extremely compatible with desktop and many email programs like outlook, apple mail If you want to configure Bellsouth net email settings on any of these email applications and start using the account without any issues. Users will have the option of using the POP3 or IMAP if you attempt to set up an email application with Bellsouth email. Select the option as per the convenient hassle-free setup of your account. 

Let’s have a look at the Simplest Procedures to Set up email settings for Outlook

BellSouth Email Settings for Outlook

Users can check out the simple methods and if you use the simple solution you can able to set up email settings for outlook

Have a look at the simple methods 

  • Open Outlook on your system and enter the file option
  • Under the file option 
  • Choose the Account settings and tap on the email 
  • Under Internet, email settings verify that you have selected POP3 or IMAP 
  • Users ensure your name and password are entered the correct way.
  • You need to enter the mentioned information.
  • Enter the ok button and choose the next option under the internet email settings option 
  • Click on the finish button to ensure the successful configuration of the Bellsouth email SMTP setting for the outlook account 

Check the Bellsouth Email Settings for IMAP Server

Users go through mentioned guidelines for Bellsouth Email IMAP Settings 

  • Net Email account type: IMAP 
  • Users enter their complete AT&T email address 
  • Enter your password 
  • Type your email server: Host name, 
  • Port number: 993
  • Outbound port number: 465 or 587
  • Net email Server TLS/ SSL required: yes 
  • Check the Authentication Required: yes (Users name and password )
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Users can use the aforementioned Bellsouth .net email settings with other outlook versions like outlook 2007, and 2016. The settings are similar for all outlook versions For that users follow the steps and your account will be configured successfully. If you want to know the Bellsouth email settings for outlook 2007,2016 follow the guide is for you. 

BellSouth Email Settings For Outlook 2007

Get Bellsouth email settings for outlook 2007 right here to set up your Bellsouth account in Outlook 2007.

  • Open the outlook 2007 on your PC
  • Choose the tools under the menu bar system 
  • Select Account Settings and click on new under the Email tab 
  • Choose the Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP option and enter on next option 
  • Users need to input their name, Bellsouth email address and password entered on the next tab.
  • Outlook 2007 will now configure your account automatically as an IMAP account with all the necessary settings as well.
  • Press on the finish option 
  • Tab on the close 

Your Bellsouth account will be configured successfully in outlook 2007 after using the easy methods. let’s move on to the configure Bellsouth email settings on 2016 

BellSouth Email Settings for Outlook 2016

Users check the simple methods and you can use the easy step for setting up the email account with outlook.  Here mentioned a list of the methods that users can use without any trouble.

Have a look at the simple steps 

  • Users open outlook 2016 on your PC 
  • Choose the file from the menu bar section
  • Enter on information and click n Account settings 
  • You need to type your account details on the “ Auto Account Set up “ page and enter into the next option 
  • Outlook 2016 will automatically configure your Bellsouth account as an IMAP account with all the important settings in your account.
  • Enter on complete option 
  • Press the close tab.
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Get the Instant Solutions for Bellsouth Email Settings for Outlook:

Here we mentioned a simple solution for setting up the Bellsouth Email Setting for Outlook. You can execute a simple solution for that. Provided all the solutions are helpful. If users think they need live support to solve their query. You can drop your mail on support mail:   Experts will assist you and solve your query within seconds without any trouble.

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