How to Resolve CenturyLink WiFi Not Working Problems?

Looking to Resolve CenturyLink WiFi Not Working Problems. Here We Will Explain How to Fix This Issues & How to Change Your WiFi Password? There are a few factors it might happen, providing the SSID (network name) and authentication are correct. Other networks interference. Instead of stopping communication, this usually slows it down. The IP addresses has been blocked by a block list and restriction on the WIFI network. If you can’t connect, it’s possible that the issue isn’t with your Wi-Fi network, and with your modem. Keep the power button for 15 seconds, then wait 5 minutes for the modem to reset. Switch your modem on and off a few times. Unplug the modem from the wall and double-check that all of the lights are switched off on the front.

Troubleshooting CenturyLink WiFi Not Working Problems

We understand that WiFi issues can be highly harmful to everyday work, media, and life in general. The tips below will help you solve a variety of popular WiFi problems.

CenturyLink WiFi Not Working

What kind of WiFi issues are you experiencing? Comprehensive troubleshooting guides can be found in the sections below.

Slow or Unstable WiFi Connection

It can be difficult to say if the problem is with your internet connection or with your wireless reception. The below are symptoms of a slow WiFi connection:

  • The video that must be streamed keeps buffering.
  • When using WiFi, pages would not load.
  • Across all devices, there is a low signal strength.
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If you’re not sure, test the speed of your wired connection to the router, then compare it to the speed of your WiFi connection. If necessary, fix a slow internet connection. Then you can use these common tips to improve the speed and performance of your WiFi:

  • First, double-check that everything is linked properly.
  • It may sound silly, but this is the most common cause of connection problems and the easiest to resolve.
  • take a moment to the double that your equipment is set up properly.
  • Place your router as close to your devices as possible.
  • The distance between your router and your laptop has a significant effect on the speed and efficiency of your WiFi link.
  • Your wireless link can be affected by the location of your router, phone, or other devices.

Fix: Locate your modem as near the center of your country as possible. Higher places (e.g., bookcase, shelf, upstairs) will usually provide better coverage.

Ensure that the signal is not blocked by physical barriers.

Physical obstacles can also cause your WiFi to slow down. Between your router and your linked computers, search for concrete block walls, large containers of water (such as fish tanks), large metal appliances, thick windows, and heavy furniture. Refrigerators and concrete walls, as shown in the table below, are the most common causes of weak WiFi signal.

How to Change CenturyLink WiFi Password | CenturyLink

Change CenturyLink WiFi Password

Try again after going to your app store and downloading any available updates for the CenturyLink app. Verify that the modem is completely plugged in and obtaining power. To run an automated troubleshooter that can search for network problems, use the “Test My Service” connection inside the app.

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You’re Really not having the WiFi Signal Quality you’d like?

If you’ve tried all and still can’t get reliable WiFi coverage in your home, a WiFi extender package might be able to help. Start with our Service Troubleshooter if you find a problem with your internet service. It’s a quick and easy way to find and resolve common problems. Call or talk with our support team if your results aren’t what you expected or if you need more help. We’re here to assist you.

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