How to Recover Forgot Yandex Password ?

Yandex N.V. is a Russian multinational corporation providing 70 Internet-related products and services, including transportation, search and information services, e-commerce, navigation, mobile applications, and online advertising.

Founded By : 2000

Headquarters :  Moscow, Russia 

Yandex is aware of the fact that a large number of people forget the password of their email addresses. If users forgot email password, people lost access to Yandex email account and lost connection with the outer world. 

In -case you want to Recover Forgot Yandex Password. You will be glad to know that in just a few simple clicks you can recover password in an easy way without any issues the all mention instructions are simple or easy for understand.  

Yandex mail is a service that provides mailboxes on servers of Yandex which is Russia’s biggest search engine much similar to Gmail which provides mailboxes on servers of Google.  

It offers many features and is a very popular choice is Russian citizens they are like to use it.

 Mention the Features users can read out as well :

  • It provides the storage space of 10 GB,
  • Automatically increases by 1 GB if you keep using it regularly .
  • It offers great personalization themes and customization features,
  • You can select a theme of your choice or select a three-panel interface as well.
  • Yandex mobile application is great .
  • Users can send instant messages .
  • You can share the live location 
  • It’s very convenient to use and provides many features, much like Gmail, as you can directly view documents, media files, in it without feeling the need to take help from some external add-on or application.
  • It’s excellent in terms of security as it uses proprietary technologies to prevent spam and hacking, and its algorithms are constantly improving as well.
  • All incoming and outgoing messages are check for viruses,
  • Not useful mail is block by the Yandex mail server.
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How to Recover Forgot Yandex Mail Password :

If you are having problems logging into your account, then it could be either that you have forgot your username or that you have forgotten your password, and it will show an error that an invalid username-password pair and authorization failed.

Make sure caps lock was not turn on wrongly and that your keyboard is in Latin format to avoid mistyping. 

Username Restoration :

If users are not sure about their username and not remember the correct password. Here mention easy step for recover password throw username. Just send a link on your email address which is mention on your profile name . 

Password Recovery :

If you have forgot your password, you can recover it via the password recovery page. Enter username or email address, complete the captcha verification, type the characters from the image or click next.

It depends on your personal details that are submit at registration time. Users get three password recovery options. First is by SMS Code second is via Phone Number and Third is throw Security questions or additional email address.  

Based on your convenience, you can select either of them and proceed to recover your password.

Steps to Recover Yandex Forgot Password on Desktop :

Check the Mention Points :

  • Opening the official website,, is the
  • First step to reset the Yandex password.
  • From the homepage of Yandex,
  • Select the mail tab from the option bar.
  • Now here comes a Yandex login window.
  • Type in your Yandex email address and
  • Click on the “forgot your password” tab.
  • Now click on “log in” to go ahead.
  • Here comes a restored access page for Yandex mail.
  • In the first field, you must enter your Yandex login ID.
  • Now in the next available field on the right side, enter the same character that you can see on the left side field to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Type the code carefully .
  • Clicking on “next,” make sure you type the right code.
  • Here comes a new window asking you to enter your phone number.
  • Enter the same phone number that you have given at the time of sign up and press “Send Code. (Enter the international code of your respective country with a + sign as well.)
  • Now enter the secret code in the given field and click on Confirm to clear the verification.
  • Here comes a new window where you have to create your password two times.
  • Make sure you create a unique and easy-to-remember new Yandex mail password.
  • Congrats, as you have learned how to Recover Forgot Yandex Password. 
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 Method to Recover Forgot Yandex Password On Phone :

Phones are not less by computers in any way. Smartphones are compact in size, fast, and easy to handle and carry from one place to other. High range of benefits of smartphones, people love to use them to send and check their emails. Yandex mobile mail application is use by the greatest number of people on the planet. 

The amazing thing is that Recover Yandex forgot password on the phone is just as simple as it is on the desktop. If you don’t believe it, here is the process to Recover Yandex email password on your mobile phone.


Please have a look these Steps :

  • Open the Yandex mail application.
  • Type Yandex email id 
  • Just tap the “Forgot password” tab.
  • You will get a restore access page where you need to type your Yandex email 
  • Users  mentioned field type the similar code in the empty field. 
  • Tap next option
  • Now comes a new window where you need to type your registered phone number to receive the code 
  • Press the send code tab. 
  • Type the correct secret code.
  • Users  get a new window where you need to create a new Yandex password.
  • Create a new Yandex password.

 How to Recover Forgot Yandex Password without number using an additional email ?

The service offers several options to regain access. Using a phone number is the most common approach. 

  • Go to the access recovery page. Clicking on the link “I forgot my login” is only worthwhile if you have a Yandex ID. 
  • The system will prompt you to enter the phone number.
  • Choose a way to recover your Yandex Mail password without a phone
  • We select the item “Additional email”.
  • Sent the mail 
  • Users  need to enter additional mail. 
  • Email address was assign in the settings. 
  • Recover code is send it .

Unfortunately, not all of them specify backup mail in the settings. This causes additional complication, the solution of which will be discuss in the next section.

 How to Recover Forgot Yandex Password without phone number via a secret question ?

After enter your login or email, you will be prompt to send a confirmation code. You can use the option to enter the answer to the security question. Provided the additional information regarding account settings. 

This is a convenient way to restore Yandex Disk without a phone (valid for all services in this ecosystem). 

A window with the follow content is display .After the correct answer, you will be prompted to enter a new password. 

 Live Support for Recover Forgot Yandex Password :

Yandex Mail Customer Service is an independent third-party organization to offer support and service for any email issues related to Yandex. 

As users  check the  simple steps for Recover Forgot Yandex Email Password, now you can now recover Yandex account password .Surely, the above-mentioned steps will come as a great help to you. If your concern is something else, like recovering an expired Yandex mail account, Recover forgot Yandex Email Password without a phone number, or Recover Yandex hacked Yandex account, you can still call our exclusive.

Our executives are alert and ready to take your calls, and emails anytime of the day, and their response will be instant.Here mention the Email : can connect via mail.Provide the best solution according to your concern.

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