How to Fix Outlook PST File Error?

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email service for all users. Millions of users use the Outlook account for personal and professional use. Outlook is the best communication tool for all users. Users prefer to use it. Outlook offers great features for users to use to save an individual user’s data items, messages, notes, calendar, and tasks in PST (Personal Storage Table) file format. scanpst.exe download, how to repair pst file without scanpst, outlook pst file missing windows 10, Outlook PST File Error, outlook pst repair tool, repair outlook data file, scanpst.exe outlook 2007 download, Microsoft outlook inbox repair tool not responding, repair ost file outlook 365

Users using the Outlook email account without any issues. Many users use the outlook account for their daily use. If sometimes users face many issues in their account like Outlook PST File Error face this problem in the account. For that users search the simple methods to resolve this kind of error in the account. To get an easy solution. You can read this blog without skipping any sections. In this blog, we define the easiest methods users can apply. You can use it and solve your concern without any trouble. 

Have a look at the Easy Way to Fix Outlook PST File Error 

  • First method Cut PST to size

One of the most notorious problems in Outlook is the issue of large PSTs. This easily creates lag, resulting in reduced performance. And if left unattended, such a PST would easily become oversized, leading to severe corruption and consequent loss of mailbox items. To solve the issue of a large PST, it’s recommended to remove junk from the PST folder. With a storage limit of 50 GB, you can easily create new PST folders and move some files there. Users need to configure their PST storage limit box.

Outlook PST File Error

  • Second Method Declutter PST

Storage issues in Outlook are not exclusive to huge-sized PSTs.Check the cluttered storage with too many items in a single PST folder which leads to more severe corruption. To troubleshoot this problem, you can rearrange the affected PST folder by moving some items to other folders. This action cleans up the PST and creates much-needed breathing space.

  • Third  Method: Archive PST files

Users check this method for decluttering an Outlook data folder (PST) to archive all inherent mail items as well. Users typically have too many email messages, calendar entries, attachments, and journals stored in a single folder. 

  • Fourth Method: Keep items stored in the default store

Outlook accounts that are configured to move items from the default store often encounter PST problems. 

  • Visit the home menu in your Outlook.
  • Navigate to the File tab on the information option.
  • Choose the Account Settings > Account Settings option.
  • Check the Locate the target POP3 account and click on it.
  • Enter Change Folder > Account Settings.
  • Users need to press the prompt commands to select a new folder in a separate store.
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  • Fifth Method: Create a new Outlook profile

If the outlook profile is not connected with PST Files would be affected. The solution is to delete the faulty outlook profile and create a new one. The outlook profile can be removed in two ways depending on the mailing protocol in use (POP OR IMAP).On the POP configured profiles. Users do not have to export the mailbox and re important it after a new profile has been created. Users can remove the IMAP connect profile via control panel mail and profiles without creating and backup. 

  • Sixth Method: Power off PC Outlook is Running

This problem is encountered Windows is shut down. It occurs if users exit Outlook and shut down their PC. To resolve this issue, ensure your Outlook program is properly shut down. 

  • Seventh Method:  Move PST from server to local disk

Users need to ensure swift retrieval of files from their PST and enhance according to their performance. It is recommended to move all PST folders to the local storage on your device. You can configure your Outlook account on POP3 and IMAP to ensure incoming messages on the server.

Outlook PST File Error

  • Eight Method:  Remove or disable Outlook add-ins

Look out for the next method 

  • Users need to disable add-ins;
  • Navigate to the File tab;
  • Choose the options > add-ins;
  • Select COM Add-ins from the Manage list >Go!
  • Disable add-ins by unchecking the corresponding boxes.
  • Click OK.
  • Users need to Restart Outlook and sign in with an associated profile.
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  • Ninth  Method:  Deploy ScanPST

ScanPST.exe known as the Inbox Repair Tool is the in-app repair solution for fixing all kinds of problems associated with Outlook PST.

Check the  simple guidelines to deploy the tool:

  • Close Outlook and open File Explorer.
  • Locate and open the ScanPST.exe program.
  • Click Browse and go through your local directory to select the PST file to repair.
  • Enter Start to start the repair and wait for it.
  • Relaunch Outlook.
  • Sign in with the associated profile.
  • Finish recovery and save to a new PST.

Connect with Outlook HelpDesk to Fix Outlook PST File Error 

We hope that provided all methods are easy to fix the Outlook PST File Error in your outlook account without any issues. If users use these mentioned methods. All the offered solutions are easy to apply and resolve your concern easily. If you think you need live help desk support. You can associate with our experts. Through mail you need to just drop your mail on our support mail:    Experts are available 24/7 for your assistance. The team will respond to you according to your concern and guide you step by step to resolve your problem on time without any trouble 

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