How to Fix Bigpond Email Error Code 550?

Bigpond is a well-known email as Telstra mail is a telecommunication-based company based in Australia. The company provides various communication-related services and email services. The company includes IMAP access services to consume the services through their computer or any mobile devices. Many users are delighted with the benefits as it is one of the biggest and most renowned companies. Recently some of the users have had an issue related to sending emails to other webmails. they have complained about it. 

In the case of users’ email accounts, the Bigpond Email Error 550 is in their account. To solve this error users search for easy solutions to resolve this error. Most users search for the solution online and they did not get the helpful solution online. To resolve this error users can read out this blog. Users definitely get the solutions within seconds without any trouble. 

Easy Methods to fix Bigpond Email Error code 550 

Bigpond Email Error Code 550

Check the Internet Connection

Check the internet connection. If the internet connection is not good. Users need to check the connection and try to resolve the internet connection issues in a short period of time 

 Clean all the Cookies: 

Cookies and caches are initial information on your browser history-related things. users will receive related ads and other stuff. this information is picked up by some spambots put backtracking to your system, can be infected, as a consequence, it may move your emails to a spam folder. 

Remove from blacklist: 

You need to remove the backlist in your account. If users do not do this .users face this error in your email account. Users request to white list your account.

Check the Configuration Settings 

Configuration of POP settings in your Bigpond mail.

Bigpond Email Error Code 550

Have a look at the  settings points 

  •  Users log into their Bigpond mail account and visit the settings menu bar.
  • Enter the POP settings option.
  • Users need to fill in the form with details in the box.
  • Check the account type to be filled in as the POP3 section 
  • The incoming server port must be filled as the number port is 995.
  • Check that the Encrypted server port is selected as an SSL option.
  • The outgoing server port should be 467 port 
  • Look out the incoming server address should be set as SMTP.
  • Enter the yes option on the Checkmark authentication option 
  • Press on your Bigpond email address.
  • The encrypted connection must be set as SSL/TLS on port 465 (this one is highly recommended).
  • Users click on the Bigpond email with their password.

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Configuration of IMAP settings in your Bigpond mail.

Let’s have a look at the steps 

  •  You need to log in to your Bigpond mail account and go to your settings section.
  • Enter the IMAP settings.
  • Users fill up the entire details in the form with an account as IMAP.
  • You need to set the incoming server 
  • Check the incoming server address
  • Type the
  • The encrypted connection should be set as SSL.
  • Check the outgoing server port must be set to  465 or 587 port numbers.
  • The incoming server address must be
  • Turn on SMTP authentication.
  • Users type the Big pond email in the box 
  • Set the encrypted connection as SSL/TLS in port 
  • You need to type your email address with the password.

Methods to troubleshoot Steps for Bigpond Email Error Code 550 

Users can apply these methods, It becomes helpful to solve this error.If you implement this method definitely resolve  this error within seconds 

  •  This error comes with many errors and many more like it is an unstable internet connection. 
  • If you start anything intensive, make sure that you have proper access to the internet. 
  •  Users have a secure and sturdy connection, you will find that your emails are sent out immediately and effectively.
  • The cookies and aches hold some basic information
  • some spambots take this opportunity to send back the cookie with malicious components. 
  • Your email will be shown as spam to the recipient.
  •  Clear the cache and cookies 
  • It can happen that your email address is blacklisted by the receiver, in such a case, users must ask them to whitelist you.
  • Your account settings have to be correct for proper functioning,
  • Users make sure: Pop3 account, incoming server address:, 
  • Check the Server port number is 995 Outgoing, Outgoing port-465, IMAP server, Incoming server port-993, The encryption for this should be SSL.
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Live -Support for Bigpond Error Code 550 

We provided easy solutions to resolve Bigpond Error Code 550 in your account. You can use the mentioned methods and resolve your query within seconds. If users are not ok with methods and try to connect with the Bigpond Support team. Connect with experts on  live chat .just you need to drop your mail on provided support email:  Experts will assist you on time and provide you a solution to resolve the error in your account

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