How to Fix AOL Error Code 475?

In recent years, many companies have introduced email service to help out their users perform routine online activities, including AOL. For those users who do not know, AOL is online service provider that offers email to its users. For better user experience, the developers added new features and services to the application.

User email account when any suspicious activity was detected by software. It usually means that users must be sending emails to users which are considered spam by AOL. For that error, one can only receive emails in their AOL account but cannot send one. Most of the AOL users have reported their problems while sending emails.. That means there was some doubtful activity detected in a user’s account due to which AOL blocks the account from sending spam-like emails. 

If users face this error in your AOL account, you will be able to receive emails nevertheless you won’t be able to send emails from your account. Users can quickly resolve particular error on your own by executing the troubleshooting steps mentioned below to how to fix AOL Error Code 475 in your account, perform mentioned steps suggested below. In this blog we discussed about it. Readers read entire blog without any trouble 

What is AOL Error 475 ?

Recently many users have reported issues while sending emails using their AOL mail because of AOL error code 475. For users who have no idea, this issue arises when email servers detect some suspicious activity in user’s account. For that reason, AOL blocks users’ accounts from sending emails. 

In simple words, if user encounters this issue then, in that situation ,user will receive emails but won’t be able to send emails from their AOL account.

Reasons that Lead to AOL Error 475 :

Before heading on with solutions to resolve this issue, let’s know a bit about the reasons that can lead to this error code.

Check it :

  • The email in users’ AOL account contains duplicate information.
  • Multiple emails have been sent from AOL email in a very short period. 
  • The sent emails are stuck in the Outbox folder.
  • Users is sending same email to multiple recipients.
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Check Out the Simple methods to Fix AOL Email  Error 475 Quickly :

Ways to fix error 475 :

Mostly AOL users face this problem; it can be resolved in time by trying out simple solutions provided. So, to help out users here is complete guide to fix error 475. Through these offered steps 

  • Change AOL email password :

This issue can arise user travel to different locations and mail servers fail to update webmail and report suspicious activity. In that situation suggested to users to update their AOL  email  password. Further, for updating the password, the users can follow mentioned  steps: 

  • Users Login AOL mail account and select the Account info option.
  •  You need to required to tap on Account security option and choose change password option.
  •  The user is require to create a new password and save changes.
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  •  Users Delete emails from Outbox folder :

An AOL account may be blocked because of suspicious activity if multiple emails are stored in the Outbox folder. To fix this issue, we suggest removing the emails from the Outbox folder

  • Enter your AOL username and password and log into your email account
  • Users have to Double-click on (Outbox).
  • Choose the emails you wish to delete
  • Enter OK option
  • User select emails will be  deleted from folder
  • Wait account is automatically unlocked :

When users fail to resolve error 475 even after using the solutions provided, it is suggested they wait 12 hours for their account to be unlocked.

Besides, the user can contact support to seek the required assistance to resolve this issue on time. 

Some additional Steps to Setup AOL Email Error Code 475 :

The possible solution to this issue is to update system drivers. After upgrading window system driver users  can stop their problem. Therefore, look at below points and do same in your system.

Let’s have a look :

  • Try to Reinstall the application that probably causes such an error.
  • Check your Windows update.
  • Upgrade your system’s outmoded drivers. 
  • Users upgrade drivers automatically, 
  • You need to right-click on “PC” option 
  • Select (Manage) option.
  • After doing that click on  (device manager)option 
  • Go through it carefully and check if there is a yellow exclamatory mark or not.
  • Users have to Double click on that mark and hit (Update Drivers) button.
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Mostly users use AOL email account without any issue. There are so many users users use AOL account for their personal ,professional use .If users face any AOL Error 475 in account. For that situation. you can check the mentioned methods it will be help to solve your problem instantly. In-case users are not ok with steps. Not to worry for that. You can coordinate with AOL Support Team. drop your email with your problem. On mention email id Experts will assist you immediately. Experts check your mail and provide your best solution according to your issues within working hours .  

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