How to Discover Yahoo IP Address?

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Having problems accessing Yahoo!’s website? Use the IP address of the site to open it. An IP address is a logical number that recognizes computers and activities within a network. Through the IP address, you can reach and contact the website without any hassle.

In most cases, you cannot access when you type on your web browser, isn’t it? To solve the issue, all you need to do is enter the Yahoo IP address in the address bar and it will take you there. 

In this blog we describe each and every useful step for your needs.Users can use all methods for solve their DiscoverYahoo IP Address related problems. Readers read entire blog without skip any section without any hassle.The mentioned all methods are hassle free and easy to understand.   

You can check out the Reasons to lose the Access-

Users must lack website access due to several problems as follows-

  • Incase Problem with your web browser.
  • Sometimes an antivirus program plays the major cause to block your access from Yahoo.
  • Corrupted DNS cache might be stopping you to load the URL of the Yahoo website.
  • The particular website server is down.

In this manner, here we are providing you with the complete details of Yahoo! IP Addresses Ranges and enables you to solve issues within a couple of minutes.

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Steps to Find and Ping Yahoo IP Address-

In order to find out the accessing problem, first, users need to know exact process to get a Yahoo IP address. Read this guidebook instructions as mentioned below-

Let’s have a look :

  • To begin with go to the Start button (window icon) presented at the bottom left side of your display and click to open it.
  • Users move on the next step ,type Command Prompt to open your Computer’s Command Prompt Panel.
  • The new screen will appear on your display with some sort of necessary information.
  • you have to type ping in Command Prompt like this one : 
  • C:\Users\Admin>ping
  • Once you have entered the above-mentioned details in a Command Prompt, tap the Enter Key to access all the information.

How to Reach Yahoo-

Here we have provided best solution some sort of possible methods to regain your Yahoo access within a couple of minutes, as follows-

  •  Users Use an IP-based URL may help you to bypass such connection restrictions. 
  • All users need to do is access Yahoo through
  • Use different web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera to resolve the accessing issue.
  • Need to Disable your antivirus program.

Have a look Yahoo IP Address Ranges :

Yahoo’s addresses span several IP ranges. To discover the specific IP address that your network contacts to reach Yahoo, use the  tracert command in a command prompt in Windows, like this have a look 

Check out the points :

  • You need to tracert This will return something like: Tracing the path to Yahoo![] 
  • On a Mac, You  need to type this command in a Terminal window:

The IP address that you use to reach the website may depend on your physical location.

Check other IP Ranges :

  • 191.122.70
  • 191.88.254
  • 190.36.45
  • 137.149.56
  • 30.2.43
  • 147.125.65
  • 195.160.76

Other Helpful Solutions :

Here are a few other troubleshooting steps to take if you can’t bring up a specific site such as’

  • Users Flush your DNS cache .
  • if you suspect the website is working but not loading on your system.
  • Lookout  site on your phone or another computer.
  • You need to Restart your computer or router, which often solves mystery problems.
  • You can Try a different browser. ‘
  • If Some browser add-ons and extensions can disrupt a connection to a website.
  • Need to Temporarily disable your antivirus program. 
  • Some antivirus programs slow down browser as they check what’s going on behind scenes. 
  • If a website takes too long to load, connection can time out.
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What’s an IP address?

The IP address is a unique identifying number for a device on a network.

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