How to Fix AOL Mail Not Working On Windows 10?

AOL mail is a highly famous email service for users. Millions of users use AOL mail globally without any issues. It offers the best-advanced features to use. Users can use it according to their needs. You can log in to the AOL mail on any device. Sometimes users are not able to log in to their accounts in windows 10. This blog will guide you on how to fix the AOL Mail Not Working on Windows 10. You can read this blog to solve the problem.  We mention some issues with helpful methods to solve your issues. Let’s go through the blog without skipping any sections. 

Here are some Useful tips for AOL Mail Not Working for Windows 10  

AOL is a popular email service, many users reported specific errors. Here, users will get some troubleshooting tips to cover these topics.

Check it : 

  • AOL mail server settings –The leading cause of sync problems with AOL mail are the server settings. If users have any problem with AOL mail, be sure to check if your server settings are correct.
  •  AOL and Windows 10 problems –Multiple problems can come with AOL on Windows 10. Suppose users are having any AOL problems, be sure to try some of our solutions.
  • Adding AOL email to Windows 10 – Synchronization issues can occur if users do not add your AOL email correctly. To remove this problem, it will show users how to add their AOL email to Windows 10.
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Best Way to Solve AOL Mail Not Working on Windows 10 : 

Solution 1: Remove your AOL account and re-add it.

If users are able to sync your AOL email, the issue is most likely with your email account. Users may encounter this problem if your configuration file becomes corrupted. The best course of action is to delete the AOL account and try to add it again. For many users, this has addressed the problem.

Solution 2: In the Mail App, look at the server settings.

Users have reported that with their own setting problems, they are unable to sync their AOL emails with their mail apps. Users address the problem you will encounter, Users will need to properly configure their account data.

Check out the exact settings you can refer to are provided here. IMAP.

  • Users check the Mail Server Incoming:
  • SMTP Outgoing Server Address. Set the 587 port.
  • SMTP:
  • Check the password you use for logging in to the Mail application: SMTP Password.

Solution 3: Open your confidentiality you can view your app on your calendar

Apply the solutions 

  • Access your settings and calendar and privacy switch on the option “Lets apps access my calendar “
  • The duration of the sync must now be changed 
  • Access the configuration option in your mail app
  • Enter on settings and pick the AOL  account.
  • Users can choose an account 
  • Press AOL sync settings and customize sync duration in the dialogue box to be obtained . 

Solution 4: Control your antivirus configuration

The most popular problem for users check their antivirus firewall blocks specific access to the application. You have to make sure your firewall allows applications to be accessed.

If the Firewall does not cause this problem, it is perfect for users to set their antiviral network type to ‘Confident’ and check to see if the issue has been corrected. 

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Connect with to solve AOL Mail Not Working on Windows 10

We hope all the solutions are easy to use to solve AOL Mail Not Working on Windows 10. Most of the time users search for simple solutions to solve the issues easily. Users always need instant solutions to problems. If these mentioned solutions are not appropriate for you, do not worry about it. You can contact AOL support experts. Our experts will respond to you immediately. you need to just drop your mail:  Experts will respond to you within seconds and resolve your concern without any trouble and provide you solutions without trouble. Our expert team is available 24/7 for your assistance. You can connect with us at any time for your concern. We are always available to solve that. 

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